Welcome to the YMSL Ozark Chapter! 

We started this adventure in August of 2017.  YMSL Ozark is the first YMSL chapter in Arkansas.  

We gathered a dynamic group of moms who were looking to spend meaningful time with their teenage sons while serving those in need in our community.  We had a hunch it would be a great success, and it truly was.  In our first year we provided more than 1200 hours of service to our community, and were even awarded Volunteer of the Year by one of the philanthropies we serve!  We are so pleased to see how quickly we have been able to make a difference!  

Currently we are working with 22 different philanthropies and establishing ourselves as a reliable and reputable organization. Through experiences with groups such as Jamestown Nursing and Rehab, NWA Women's Shelter, Restoration Village and Operation Reboot our members are learning about the whole host of struggles and challenges facing many people in Northwest Arkansas, and opening their eyes and hearts to  those around them in need.  

Program Overview

Philanthropy:  All members will serve a minimum of 20 hours per year in support of approved philanthropies 
right here in Northwest Arkansas. At least 10 of these hours will be completed as a mother/son team.

Education: Members attend regular meetings that are designed to expand their knowledge and experience in a variety of topics.  Mom's Meetings include discussing chapter business, as well as learning from guest speakers such as college recruiters and local charities.  Boys learn practical life skills, civic responsibility, philanthropy, social skills, life choices and planning skills. 

Leadership:  All members contribute to the success of the organization by serving in either a leadership or supporting committee role.  Emphasis is placed on six core leadership values.  These include responsibility, courage, perseverance, citizenship, honesty and respect.  



YMSL Ozark
PO Box 291
Cave Springs, AR 72718-9998 

If you are a member of the Ozark Chapter and need assistance with your log-in name or password,
please contact Kristie Sommer at kristie.sommer@yahoo.com.